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How i make 2m weekly from bet9ja virtual football

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00:01good okay yeah so this is the second one

00:05when I’m talking about time shrimp I

00:07also talked about time frame on the four

00:09spots by decided to talk about best pick

00:12so let’s talk about time frame time

00:14frame is simply when should you bet I

00:16win you know but first of all I

00:18love betting at night and I’m gonna tell

00:21you why that’s simply because who have a

00:22cartridge should I’m going to leave a

00:25link on the description what a tree

00:26should is simply showing you is simply

00:28an occasion where when it seemed please

00:32against another team which you foot both

00:34those you opposite so let me give you an

00:35instance let’s say you have a very

00:37strong team will have Paris okay Paris

00:41is a very strong team and Paris is

00:43playing with Leslie bailing okay

00:46now this kind of team Paris is very


00:50Berlin is very strong guess what the

00:52night giving very ridiculous odd and

00:55order of like 1.45 unless they might

01:00even give you know my old lady 1.64 for

01:052.5 so right now Paris is doing very


01:09Berlin is doing very well but what which

01:11food will actually check this all co the

01:13wedge entree should well a tray should

01:15is simply a treasured in limits that

01:19wants the difference okay let me don’t

01:22use well dunno go to be able to

01:23understand whether she should is simply

01:26a points or an amounts now once that

01:30amount has been sticked it does the

01:34opposites but not a problem which

01:35actually is not actually fixed it’s not

01:37like okay reach 50 million new every

01:41season there’s a new a judge she should

01:43season 0-1 could be treasured of seventy

01:46seventy million boys actually in high

01:49numbers you see like 200 or 300 million

01:51yes people bet so much of which oh so

01:53the regeneration now could be 300

01:55million 300 million simply means between

01:59over two point five and on that two

02:02point five if we have a regeneration of

02:08300 million do the opposite so now let

02:12me explain

02:13Pyrus is very strong Belling is very

02:15strong now normally that’s supposed to

02:17prove a 2.5 even without treasured is a

02:20difference of 300 million the simply

02:22means not a virtual football chick pun

02:25and parish trances okay burning strength

02:28is okay part has been scoring some

02:30logical very not been scoring so much

02:32cool so this team should be over 2.5 but

02:38don’t be too fast let us check what

02:40reply better if people are betting so

02:42much of a 2.5 let you do opposites

02:45because we did you opposites Marybeth

02:47Nara but any company that has witchy

02:50football needs to make profits so now

02:52Paris and Berlin

02:53both of them are playing okay now one of

02:56the mass was to prove a two point five

02:57now let’s say the watch out to shoot for

02:59the season is 200 million so how it

03:02actually works it into not check how

03:05many people are playing over 2.5 let’s

03:07say 500 million people how many people

03:10are playing on a 2.5 let’s see 200

03:12million people now this simply means

03:15over 500 million people going for over

03:182.5 why 200 million people going for on

03:21a 2.5 so now the what Richard does with

03:25the difference so what is the difference

03:27500 million – Tony Malone’s 300 million

03:31so this simply means the wedge attrition

03:34has reached the point where once that

03:37amount in difference which what I mean


03:40I mean comparison if the adultery should

03:42between Paris and Berlin this was a tree

03:45she doesn’t just walked over 2.5 for it

03:47works for both over 2.5 straight wind

03:50boots ok for instance if you watch out

03:52Rashad nice is the first four straight

03:57we need a whole different a logarithm

03:59but for 40 called over and under is just

04:02one a logarithm they use over two point

04:04five two gadgets if over 2.5 has a

04:08higher difference and under 2.5 and the

04:11higher difference has been set which is

04:13the treasure the treasure is simply like

04:15Thank You Ellis is an example let’s say

04:17this is a treasured this treasure is 10

04:22million okay so less is Niger our team

04:27to use worry and induced it’s now let’s

04:31say Nigeria the Nigel Football

04:35Association has given a choice shoot

04:37birth my job pays homage to them now

04:41Roberts piece who much to them bad king

04:44cutters with every betting side paid

04:45homage to them now the homie OG

04:47submitting the amount of bed which is

04:51they are multi-platinum betting on this

04:53game now let’s say the Nigeria Football

04:56Association has done has made an

04:58agreement and say ok

05:00whenever we’ll have a difference of 10

05:02million on any option or any perdition

05:05let’s good you posit so these companies

05:07can make money no better than jackin

05:09coming on be making losses now Beth King

05:12can be making losses so whenever we chat

05:14we should let us do the opposite so this

05:16company that are paying homage to also P

05:19beta who Mitch so that’s an example now

05:21a dough and war YZ plane and now 9g a

05:25foot position and sets a tragedy of 10

05:28million so now that we should actually

05:31across its prediction so let’s say over

05:34two point five hundred two point five

05:36now if the people’s taking on over 2.5

05:39are 37 million people taking on on a two

05:46point five fourteen million so now do

05:50the calculation 30 million 40 million

05:53now remember an idea Football

05:55Association said the treasured must be

05:5710 million so rights now 30 million and

06:0014 what is the difference the difference

06:03is you look for the bigger trash chute

06:05and then – it’s so the bigger trash ods

06:09and sorry you look for the bigger witcha

06:11a – it’s the bigger which is 37 million

06:14that is a vimini on my nose i’m 14

06:18million i think we have about 23 year so

06:2237 million – 14 million is equal to is

06:26equal to 33 me no 23 million ok 3 7 3 s

06:3323 million now if it’s 23 million this

06:37simply means for over 2.5 already

06:40people are playing 93 million that mean

06:43the difference now okay want one

06:45particular edition is having so applause

06:48this applause is for a 2.5 watt 2.5 is

06:51having 23 million and online giraffe

06:53football such an answer he said see

06:54whenever I will compare over and under

06:57anyone that has a difference which means

07:00anyone that has and I gave this other

07:02one gap and if over 2.5 gives on a 2.5

07:05gap of 10 million do the opposite F 1 R

07:082 point 5 gives about 2.5 gap of 10

07:11million do the opposite so right now

07:13over 2.5 has 23 million in difference

07:17that means if you compare over 2.5 which

07:20is 37 million people betting on it

07:22or 37 million a lot of bet on it and on

07:26the 2 point 5 which is 40 million bet on

07:29what of bet on it now the Nigel football

07:31solution will say ok adieu calm very

07:34calm we have reached this threshold now

07:3737 million people has bet on if you go

07:40to prove a 2.5 40 million has bet on we

07:43go to play on a 2.5 if you guys play

07:46over 2.5 now so many people win and

07:50better and John will start pain and bet

07:52king who step in I’m able to stop pain I

07:54want these people stop you now you know

07:56this will pay homage to us so that we

07:58now don’t be enough money for you guys

08:00so I want you to make sure no matter how

08:02you play nobody should score above 12.5

08:05at the end of the game we’ll have

08:08something for both of you and they are

08:10like ok fine

08:11you’re here no fix much like this how

08:12much as I’ve been fixed in the real life

08:15setting another kind of worry foodborne

08:17are talking about which is football so

08:18let’s come back to future football now

08:21Paris and Berlin now the differences

08:23real life with what we have in Niger a

08:25football cessation they might talk to it

08:27don’t worry they don’t accept is another

08:30cup of tea but on virtual football once

08:33it reaches straight should automatically

08:35computerized reading it does not

08:36maternity just checks between this one

08:39and this one who has the biggest what is

08:42the core the biggest which are the

08:43biggest stick is this one okay – this

08:45one from uses were not to my nose this

08:48one – Hey – two hundred Oh 300 what is

08:50the word archer’ should gradually stir

08:52on the Suns burning

08:53Balian well you should yes now what was

08:55it result for for what is a code for

08:57price who actually choose of a 2.5 so

08:59let’s do the opposite

09:00Nonnie video posit and that’s why I

09:02start seeing everybody loose so before

09:04they will do the opposite they have to

09:05do the trajectory shoot I think I’ve

09:07spent over 15 minutes talking about what

09:09country should I just actually talked

09:11about this last time I wanted to just

09:13make sure I talked talk about it again

09:15because right now I’m about teaching me

09:17the time frame now tell me when

09:19everybody please 12.5 it’s during the

09:23day then we win few people play over 2.5

09:26is that night now tell me why Daniel K

09:29keeps on with him because I know cake

09:31please when people are not playing why

09:34because we did not periodized Lua which

09:35are treasured so at night very late at

09:38night the widget reshoot is not much

09:40they can actually set 30 what

09:43everybody’s sleeping

09:44so when who wants to make it that

09:46similar except there is some group of

09:48new people that saw me that they spend

09:50all their money plane over 2.5 nights

09:52everybody’s usually asleep and a

09:54particular time do a dirty shoe this is

09:56come they don’t do the opposite over two

09:59point five zero two point five on the

10:01top one faction a two point five that is

10:02why if you are playing at night and you

10:05choose 150 to 170 you look for the one I

10:08just had a green

10:09forget its before the break you of me do

10:12Commission what if your plane during the

10:14day now the treasure do always be

10:16reached so even if you have a short game

10:18if you go posits if you have a short

10:20game it’s a go opposite so how do you

10:22actually know when it should be

10:25manipulated I just said at night I

10:27didn’t actually tell you Wayne at night

10:29so at night could be any time once the

10:31moon is on so how you actually know is

10:33how I myself actually know is first of

10:37all before I start betting I look for

10:40the first four to five matches the first

10:43four to five matches within odd 150 to

10:46170 and I don’t play on them I just

10:48observe them so actually I actually

10:52caught that test run in the season so

10:54watch this theme 150 to 170 if I follow

10:58five March and I win 3 over 5 I treat 4

11:01over 5 8 8 5 over 5 5 3 2 / 5 am not

11:04reading some people are currently online


11:07I still have to wait and to don’t bed so

11:09much of your bed the maximum I bet is

11:11fifty thousand okay I think I created a

11:14video not too long you saw my account of

11:16we didn’t how big it is

11:17I see but fifty thousand that’s because

11:20if the more you bet the more you’re

11:21putting everyone at risk if you’re

11:23actually better than fifty thousand only

11:25you okay

11:26you start putting 1 million per bed

11:27thank you very much because of die or

11:29war me Lord you keep on losing and

11:30losing and losing so right now I think I

11:32have to come back he can add ISTA Marin

11:34I need to actually take some time to

11:35talk about the timeframe so I’m going to

11:37teach you when perfectly you should be

11:39treating before I do that I want to tell

11:42you something actually had years ago I

11:45was this I was reading a book from

11:46Warren Buffett’s now Z’s ago

11:48I was very much neater than cuz when I

11:51was very young I loved balunians like

11:54that was my biggest obsession I always

11:56tell everybody when I grow up I’ll be

11:57like biggie that I remember how I knew

11:59all the baloney oz Carlos there’s so

12:02many of them now I could cram the top 50

12:04balloon a sort of herbalist so that’s

12:06one of my favorite billionaire Warren

12:09Buffett she said when everybody’s scared

12:12of investing that is when I invest when

12:15everybody’s investing not is when I get


12:19robots Kawasaki said I’m polished pork

12:23product which I wish that for that he

12:24said when I blowed on the streets you

12:28buy and when this is ok you stay

12:32calm now what kind of sake and Warren

12:35before that scene is when everybody’s

12:37buying something he just stay warm

12:40please don’t buy when everybody’s scared

12:42of buying this thing not is doing should

12:44be buying it simply a lot of demand and

12:45supply not simply because when the

12:47demand is high what happens the price

12:51increases what on virtue football if the

12:53demand is high

12:54nothing like price ego deposits so if

12:57there is high demand for pirates I’ve

13:00been in everybody’s betting parents I’m

13:01betting over 1.5 over 2.5 the demand is

13:04not high what happens it goes

13:07opposites so how do you know that the

13:09first and most important thing is to

13:11test run this season okay

13:13that is the best way to know test on the

13:15season at least from my stay one to

13:17match the fall and after doing this

13:18video two

13:19you can’t push it but the truth is no

13:22matter how they do it this supposed to

13:24they can reprogram best system

13:26especially when it comes to time frame

13:27I’ve been making money on time frame for

13:29like years people are like oh he said

13:31okay I don’t know do you need problem is

13:32I’m not so good in showing off was I’m

13:34more of a teacher I’m worried at this

13:35time pranking Ayakashi at home you know

13:37but he’s of no use

13:39I’m you teach I teach you you make money

13:40you pay me Commission doesn’t most

13:41balantine to me but if I told you that

13:44within the right time free making a

13:46million every week is a piece of cake

13:48the only reason you’re losing is because

13:50you’re betting the wrong time

13:51oh can I guess what somebody’s written

13:54okay which which example I use thank you

13:57I will being to a better night – shop

13:59before the virtue food boy in a bad

14:01night – shop I would mean to a bad King

14:03shop should i shock you thank you if we

14:06go to a bad King shop in the afternoon

14:08when every bad King offices open which

14:10is bad King Kashia illusion agents when

14:13they open in the afternoon you see go go

14:17very scarce it’s a call though but when

14:20it show that is when it fuels you see

14:23over 2.5 it all calls oh but when it is

14:26very shudders when he feels thank you

14:27open bed King by 1:00 a.m.

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