Don’t Hesitate When You See It

Do you want to make more money from Bet9ja Virtual Games? A lot of Nigerians have been loosing countless of money to the said virtual games all in the name of seeking for returns or practical ways to double their money or generated income. Previously, we highlighted few hacks on How To Hack Bet9ja Virtual Football Game and Make Money I must be frank, that guide/Bet9ja hacks have received reasonable applause from lots of visitors/readers.

How to hack bet9ja virtual game

Bet9ja virtual correct score cheat

How to win virtual football

Bet9ja virtual premier league

This virtual guide and practically analysed hacks will assist you beyond your wildest imagination. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and keep reading.

First Hack

Honestly speaking, You can make a lot of money through bet9ja Virtual games. All you have to do is to integrate patience as a function of time, lol. What I mean for those that dont understand what I just said is that you have to be ready to take the risk and try to always have patience regardless of how urgent your need or demand for money is!

⇒When you see these top teams such as CHE, MANU,TOT,MANC,ARS been given 2.02 point away against the minor/smaller teams like BRI, CRY,HUD,NWC Etc, all you have to do is observe their position in the league table and if there are 2 to 4 teams apart, kindly stake high on the 2.02 odd for the big teams and expect your winning (90%). Also, regardless of their position, the 2.02 point away will always win and if it doesnt win it will draw, so be careful to watch and exercise patience. If this point came in your absence and eventually won, avoid the next one and wait patiently for the next one and also try to observe their relative position in the table. Any of those minor teams earlier mentioned at the buttom playing against the top teams positioned at the top will result in the 2.02 odd playing.


⇒When you also see this top teams as mentioned above CHE, MANU,TOT,MANC,ARS been given 2.03 when playing Host/Home to other minor teams, it most measurably that the Home team with 2.03 will eventually win the game. However, it is always 50/50 in this case as sometimes it might eventually result in a draw, so you can be observing the game and their relative position in the league table. The closer both teams are to each other in the virtual league table the more slimmer your chances of winning, but the further apart the teams are to each other in the league table the greater your chances of winning.


There are easy steps to making this cash on the bet9ja soccer Here you a total of N1000 and believe me with N1000, you can walk out with N10,000 if you play it right by integrating patience as a function of time

What you have to do and take note carefully

1. Odds 1.45 Home – its plays Over 1.5 at all times (you can as well risk Home & Over 1.5

2. Odds 1.36 Home – its plays Over 1.5 at all times (you can as well give GG….its a risk worth taking)

3. Odds 2.04 Home – it plays Over 2.5 but not always

4. Odds 1.94 Home – Anybody wins this match Odds 1.54 Home – Anybody wins this match

Now let’s assume this Odds all came together at Once, play it all because for the odds appearing all at once means there are enough Goals in that Matchday and make sureyou give odd 1.36 Over 2.5.

Like I said Bet9ja Virtual Game demands absolute patience, if you don’t see any of this odds, don’t bother to play it at all, kindly wait patiently for the next week to play. This odds could show up at anytime…Don’t hesitate when you see it.

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