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Do you usually play sports betting whether often or occasionally you don’t need to spend your time joining a queue to bet on your favorite football and other related sports at the betting shops while you can bet on the go or while doing your work at home or at the office with the help of your smartphone or laptop.

We are now in a modern world where everything becomes easier and convenient with the help of smartphones, laptops, and internet, you don’t need to stress yourself a lot these days because most of the things that used to stress you can be handled inside your room and sports betting are one of them.

Benefit of betting online

For you to understand what am trying to say I will list few reasons why you should consider learning how to play games online if you don’t know how to do so.


Playing games with your smartphone and laptop on the go or at home is more convenient than when you have to leave whatever you are doing only to rush to a nearby betting shops to wait for your turn to reach before you can play games but with your smartphone or computers you can play your game anywhere and anytime.


Betting online with your phone or computer will help you to avoid numerous misunderstanding and fight that usually happens in betting shops because if you will agree with me once you go to betting shop you will meet different types of people with different understand and view and misunderstanding and fighting always occur.

Protect your respect and intergrity

Well you might be proud of your lifestyle and what you do but if you will tell yourself truth you will agree that in Nigeria people regard gamblers as irresponsible and jobless people and you wouldn’t what such in your own case, playing it with your phone and laptop at home or office doesn’t ring any bell to anyone and no one will get to know when you bet and when you don’t, it’s all your business and no one else.

Avoid unnecessary noise and sharing of your winnings

Winning is always hard to come but if you don’t play online when no one will know about your lost and wins you will end up sharing the little money you manage to win after so much lost.

I have personally seen someone who won up to 600,000 but ends up sharing the whole money to his fellow gamblers and women and right now nothing reasonable have been done with the money but when you play games online no one knows when you lose and when you win.

There are other benefits but I will stop here but the next question is, where to play sports betting online in Nigeria.

Where to play sports betting online in Nigeria

There are many trusted sports betting sites in Nigeria but the most popular one among them is bet9ja, you can as well use other ones who can be as good as bet9ja because I personally have an account with many of the betting sites and I use anyone that I wish at any given time.


To be able to bet online you need a smartphone or laptop with internet connection and data is not expensive in Nigeria so if you are serious sports betting then subscribing to 1000 naira monthly data subscriptionwill not be a big deal.

Getting Started

Visit any of the various betting sites in Nigeria or any other country you prefer and register with them to get started and it is usually fast and easy to register.

Making payment or withdrawal

To be able to online you need to fund your account with your ATM card and your betting account will be credited with the amount you funded and usually start from 100 and above.

Once you win any of your about you can request a withdrawal which will take you to a page where you can fill your account details but some of the be betting websites have their own withdrawal threshold which means you some certain amount of money for you to be able to withdraw your winnings.


Bet9ja online withdrawal request threshold is N5000 while nairabet is N1000.


Using Opera mini mobile browser to fund and play games online might not work in some certain betting website so try to use normal browsers for better results.bet9ja.com

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